Frank Engineering, PLLC

Frank Engineering

Commercial, Residential, and Municipal Services

Frank Engineering, PLLC is celebrating our 10 year anniversary!  We are a civil and environmental engineering company located in the Capital District of New York State.  Frank Engineering provides high quality design and inspection services at low cost to its clients.  The company is located in Albany, NY and has a large service area including Upstate New York.  Please see our Services tab for a more complete list of offerings and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Engineering Services:
  • Construction Stormwater Inspections for SPDES General Permit Compliance
  • Residential, Community, and Commercial Septic Systems
  • Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Proposed Development Site Layout, Grading, and Utilities
  • Engineered Drawings and Reports
  • Guidance for Regulatory Process
  • Existing Infrastructure Condition and Capacity Assessments/Studies
  • Modeled Data for Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Utilities
  • Residential House Plan Review